Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Are you spending hours of precious time trying to design flyers and ads for your organization? Did graphic design recently get added to your plate—even though you have no experience using tools like Canva or Photoshop?

This class teaches you everything you need to make effective graphics, ads, and flyers.


Duration 90 Minutes

Recording Available for One Month


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You don’t need a degree to make stunning graphics

Chances are you weren’t hired to do graphic design, but somehow it landed on your plate.

Maybe your ED asked you to make a flyer.

Or you started posting on social media and found yourself trying to learn how to make graphics for your ads and posts.

The good news is, you don’t need a degree to create eye-catching and effective communications.

All you need are the basic concepts and skills.

And in this live class, you’re going to learn them all, plus how to make effective marketing designs.

The best part?

This live class is taught by nonprofit marketers, for nonprofit marketers.

No matter what your background or experience, you’ll get training by professionals who know exactly how graphic design fits into nonprofit marketing.

In just 90 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • The essential functions of design—and why they’ll make or break your designs
  • How to organize your designs using elements like focus and hierarchy
  • The “60-30-10” rule that enables you to build color palettes from scratch
  • How to use and combine typography and fonts to create engaging, beautiful graphics
  • The font types and when to use them (this one skill can make a HUGE difference in how readers feel about your communications!)
  • Design terminology like “vector” and “weight” that will make talking to graphic design contractors or vendors SO much easier

Unlike many marketing classes, this one is not pre-recorded, so you have the opportunity to participate, ask questions, and share ideas and experiences with your instructor and fellow students!

Set aside 90 minutes once and you’ll save hours of trial and error in the future.

What you get with this class:

  • Access to the recording of the class for one month
  • A class summary for easy reference
  • Helpful worksheets to execute what you learn

This Class is for:

  • Nonprofits
  • Associations
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Religious Organizations

What students say about Nonprofit Toolkit Training

“It was ‘big picture’ (composition, focus, etc.) as well as nitty gritty ‘how to’ hacks!”

— Anne Comber, Communications Manager, Mass Mentoring Partnership


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