Foundations of Nonprofit Marketing Course

The job of a nonprofit marketer is so varied. From hour to hour you need to be a social media manager, graphic designer, copywriter, fundraising strategist, webmaster, event marketer, and more. We’ve designed 12 Classes that build your foundational skill set in nonprofit marketing.

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Mastering marketing at a nonprofit requires a range of skills and the ability to manage it all.

Course Offerings:

  • 13 class recordings
  • Watch the recordings for 6 months after purchase
  • Content designed for specifically to support marketing and communication with nonprofit audiences
  • Practical ideas whether you have no budget or a pro budget
  • Downloadable resources to build your year-round marketing effort


The Foundations in Nonprofit Marketing Course is designed to build your abilities in the core tasks of marketing your organization.

Strategy and Tactics. Great marketing is as much about making great choices as it is about executing them. We have classes focused on both strategy development and tactic creation. And, because it’s so important, we talk about why in every class to build your ability to evaluate the value of everything you do.

We’re not teaching marketing — we’re teaching nonprofit marketing. This isn’t a generalist program. Whether it’s core skills like graphic design and copywriting, channels like email and social, or development communications sessions like annual appeals — our classes are tailored to the needs of a nonprofit marketer. And that doesn’t just mean our subject areas. We teach from the perspective of attracting nonprofit audiences like donors, members, visitors, students, alumni, and volunteers. Our interest is in helping you build a community that takes action.

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Ideas for all budgets and any software. We know that some organizations have staff, structure, and budgets to do big things. And that others are piecing together a patchwork all on their own. Our Classes are software agnostic. We’ll show you how to be successful if you have pro tools and resources — or if scrappy DIY is the order of the day.

Learning takes time. These are not sales webinars masked as education. Classes are typically 90 minutes. We know that time is your most precious commodity. Classes are fast-paced and full of ideas and information.

You’ll build core knowledge in planning, writing, design, and developing content for key marketing channels. 

The course is for you if:

  • This is your first time taking on marketing, especially if you are a team of one
  • You’ve done marketing but a nonprofit and fundraising focus is new
  • You feel strong in some skills and need to build others
  • You need ways to succeed even if you don’t have a budget
  • Being able to re-watch classes all year would be amazing
  • Nonprofits
  • Associations
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Religious Organizations

What Students Say About Nonprofit Toolkit Training:

“Helpful, engaging, and fast-paced.”

— Erin Zimmerman, Executive Director, Abington Educational Fund

Master Class Class Date
Developing Marketing Plans & Budgets for Nonprofits N/A
Visual Identity & Strategic Branding N/A
Fundamentals of Graphic Design N/A
Better Photographs for Successful Marketing N/A
Copywriting Essentials for Marketing & Fundraising N/A
Designing High Impact Marketing Materials N/A
Maintaining a Dynamic Website N/A
Creating an Effective Email Strategy N/A
Generating Results on Social Media N/A
Video, Animation & GIFs: Bring Movement to Your Marketing N/A
Annual Appeals That Ask With Impact N/A
Communicating Your Impact N/A
Successful Vendor Sourcing & Management N/A


Looking to improve your overall skills nonprofit marketing? Want access to the content all year?

The Foundations of Nonprofit Marketing Course covers the fundamental skills you need to deliver quality marketing for your organization. Registration includes 12 classes delivered monthly and access to class replays through December 2022.

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