Elements of Brand Development

If work on your organization’s brand is on your to-do list, the Elements of Brand Development Course will jumpstart your process. We’ll cover key stages of evaluating your current brand, including running a communications audit, clarifying your audience, and conducting market research. We’ll conclude with developing a core message, designing your image and managing your brand, because creating it is just the beginning.

In this course, we’ll take key elements from our AMIE Brand Focus process and teach you step-by-step how to do them yourself.

If you are looking for more than just a logo change, this strategic course is for you.


This course will teach you the steps to evaluate your brand, what’s needed to rebrand and how to get buy in from critical leaders and community.

The Course Includes:

  • 6 class recordings
  • Recordings available for 6 months after purchase
  • Designed for nonprofit-focused brand building
  • Downloadable tools to begin your branding process


Connect your mission to your marketing.

What’s brand focus? Branding sounds like you are starting from scratch. You’re not. Any organization that exists has a brand, our goal is to help you direct it. And rebranding can feel like the goal is to scrap everything and start over. That idea can be devastating to your current supporters. Brand focus is about finding an audience that is excited about the things you do best.

Nonprofits Only. You won’t get case studies from Apple or examples from Walmart. We teach from the perspective of attracting nonprofit audiences like donors, members, visitors, students, alumni and volunteers. Our interest is in helping you build a community that takes action.

Strategy First. Brand focus isn’t a quick fix. We like to say it’s a process rather than a project. It’s not trendy or new. It requires an investment of time and a champion to see it through. But on the other side of that bridge is simplicity, clarity and strength. All of your tactics become easier to choose and develop once you find your center.

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Ideas for all budgets and any software. We know that some organizations have staff, structure and budgets to do big things. And that others are piecing together a patchwork all on their own. Our classes are software agnostic. We’ll show you how to be successful regardless of your tools and resources.

Learning takes time. These are not sales webinars masked as education. Classes are typically 90 minutes. We know that time is your most precious commodity. Classes are fast paced and full of ideas and information. And we’ll leave you with resources and tools to continue the work on your own.

 You’ll build an understanding of how to choose, plan and gain support for your branding initiative. 

The course is for you if:

  • The topic of branding keeps coming up in your strategic planning and team conversations
  • You're looking for some steps you can take yourself to begin the process
  • You feel strong in some skills and need to build others
  • You need to build buy-in from leadership on the value of brand focus
  • You're considering whether you need to get help and would like to learn about our AMIE process
  • Nonprofits
  • Associations
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Religious Organizations

What Students Say About Nonprofit Toolkit Training:

“Helpful, engaging and fast paced.”

— Erin Zimmerman, Executive Director, Abington Educational Fund

Master Class Class Date
Running a Communications Audit N/A
Finding the Right Audience Focus N/A
Conducting Meaningful Brand Research N/A
Constructing your Organizational Message N/A
Designing Your Brand Image N/A
Managing Your Brand in Marketing N/A