Best Practices for Content Creation

Did graphic design get added to your plate—even though you had no experience using tools like Canva, InDesign or Photoshop? Do you spend hours searching event photos for marketing images—only to come up empty-handed? Do you find yourself staring at a blinking cursor waiting for inspiration to strike?

We’ve bundled together 3 core skills classes to help level up your design, photography and writing for marketing.

Our Fundamentals of Graphic Design, Better Photographs for Successful Marketing, and Copyrighting Essentials for Marketing & Fundraising classes will improve these key skills so you can sharpen your content.

Three 90-Minute Classes
Recordings Available for 6 Months


With these three classes you’ll learn:
• How to layout your designs with strong focus and hierarchy
• The “60-30-10” rule that enables you to use color well
• How to use and combine typography and fonts to create engaging, beautiful graphics
• Tips for improving the lighting in your photos without special lights (a game changer in all the many dim rooms of the world!)
• Guidelines for taking more interesting photos so you spend less time fixing (share these with your volunteer photographers too!)
• Tactics for making your copy memorable and persuasive
• Effective formulas that speed up common nonprofit copywriting projects
• The writing traps that ruin your copy—and how to fix them

  • Nonprofits
  • Associations
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Religious Organizations