Creating an Effective Email Strategy


Live April 15, 2021 | 2 PM Eastern
Duration 75–90 minutes
Recordings Available for 7 Days


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Email marketing sits in the very sweet spot between direct mail and social. With lower costs than print and more assurance of receipt than social, email is a valuable part of the marketing mix.

A powerful tool on its own or in combination with other channels, email can still be a sensitive subject. Learn guidelines for when to send, how much to send, what to say and how to manage your list.

This class is designed for staff who are new to email marketing or are looking to develop a better strategy. Content will cover fundraising, event emails and e-newsletters. The class can be taken on its own to improve your digital marketing skills, or as part of the Foundations of Nonprofit Marketing Course.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • Ways to use email in conjunction with direct mail and social communications
  • When email can be a better choice than other channels
  • What data points to track
  • Tips for deliverability to stay out of SPAM filters

Included with this class:

  • One login for live class
  • Access to the replay for 7 days
  • Resource guide

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“I’ve heard tons of these kinds of webinars. Some are so ‘ho hum’. Yours was superior for sure.”

Susan Sweitzer, Annual Fund Manager, Kennedy Krieger Foundation       

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