2021 Foundations of Nonprofit Marketing Course
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Mastering marketing at a nonprofit requires a range of skills and the ability to manage it all.

Course Offerings:

  • Live Classes — 12 classes for the price of 10
  • Watch the recordings through January 31, 2022
  • Live Q&A — access to the instructor to ask questions about the content
  • Curriculum tailored for the needs of nonprofit marketers
  • Resources to expand on each lesson

The 2021 Foundations in Nonprofit Marketing program is designed to build your abilities in the core tasks of marketing your organization.

Cohesive Curriculum. We’ve designed 12 classes that together, build a foundational skill set. The job of a nonprofit marketer is so varied. From hour to hour you need to be social media manager, graphic designer, copywriter, fundraising strategist, webmaster, event marketer and more. Students in the course will receive a certificate at the end of the program.

The program is for you if:

  • Marketing is a new role for you
  • Marketing isn’t new, but nonprofit communication is
  • You feel strong in some skills and need to build others
  • You need ways to succeed even if you don’t have a budget
  • Being able to re-watch classes all year would be amazing

Strategy and Tactics. Great marketing is as much about making great choices as it is about executing them. We have classes focused specifically on strategy building and tactic creation. And, because it’s so important, we embed a discussion of why into every class to build the skill of evaluating value into everything we do.

Live Classes. Unlike many other marketing curriculums, Foundations of Nonprofit Marketing is taught live. We offer the ability to ask questions in class or send an email after class for more specific help on the class topic. And if you can’t make classes live, with the course you get access to watch the recordings through January 31, 2022.

We’re not teaching marketing — we’re teaching nonprofit marketing. This isn’t a generalist program.  Whether it’s core skills like graphic design and copywriting, channels like email and social or specifics like annual appeals, our classes are tailored to the needs of a nonprofit marketer. See the full curriculum for this year’s Foundation Topics

And that doesn’t just mean our subject areas. We teach from the perspective of attracting nonprofit audiences like donors, members, visitors, students, alumni and volunteers. Our interest is in helping you build a community that takes action — not a sales funnel that drives transactions.

Ideas for all budgets and any software. We know that some organizations have staff, structure and budgets to do big things. And that others are piecing together a patchwork all on their own. Foundations classes are software agnostic. We’ll show you how to be successful if you have pro tools and resources — or if scrappy DIY is the order of the day.

Interactive Learning. You’ll also benefit from the insight and knowledge of classmates who are dealing with the same challenges you face. Chances are someone in class has tried something that you might not have. And likely you have something to share with others as well. The nonprofit marketers in our classes are amazing and generous.

The open and friendly environment creates an active and participatory class experience. Prepare to chat, answer polls, ask and answer questions.

Training takes time. These are not sales webinars masked as education. Classes are typically 75 to 90 minutes long. We know that time is your most precious commodity. Classes are fast paced and full of ideas and information. In each session we:

  • Explain the topic
  • Discuss the purpose and value
  • Show how to execute it
  • Display examples of other nonprofits using it
  • Show how you can do it on a pro or budget level
  • Provide ideas for tools that can help
  • Encourage discussion and answer questions

Register for access to the recordings of each Foundation class until January 31, 2022. You’ll build core knowledge in planning, writing, design and developing content for key marketing channels. Save 16% on each class while earning your certificate. It’s like getting two classes for free.

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“Helpful, engaging and fast paced. ”

— Erin Zimmerman, Executive Director, Abington Educational Foundation

2021 Course Topics

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