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Nonprofit Toolkit training is a service of Iris Creative Group, Inc. Since 1996 we’ve been working with nonprofits solving branding, design, marketing and fundraising challenges. This isn’t theory to us. What we learn from doing this work daily, we put it into timely training for you.

Our classes are fast paced, interactive and packed with information. But we don’t just give you a laundry list of things you can do. We research and evaluate options — focusing on the ones that have worked best for our clients and other nonprofits.

We focus as much on why to use a tactic as how so you can make good decisions for your organization rather than just jumping on every trend. Every session includes examples of the concept in action as well as how you can do it yourself — with or without a budget. Most classes include suggestions for tools or resources you can use which are provided in a Resource Guide after class.

Our classes are perfect for people who need to learn how to make solid marketing decisions and deliver great results — especially if you have limited time, budget and tools.

2021 Foundations of Nonprofit Marketing Course

The challenge of nonprofit marketing is that you have to be strong in a wide range of disciplines from planning and sourcing to graphic design, copywriting, email, website, social and more. Chances are it’s either all new, or you’re strong in a few areas and getting by with the rest. The Foundations of Nonprofit Marketing Course covers the fundamental skills you need to deliver quality marketing for any kind of nonprofit organization.

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If your annual direct mail appeal letter isn’t bringing in as much as you need, this class will help you learn to improve the content and expand your messaging. Besides helping you understand what works when it comes to appeals, we’ll help you organize your workflow to make the task both manageable and successful.

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“By far the best class I have taken. Inspired me to apply my new skills!”

Beena Bhatcar, Director of Outreach Services, NAMI NJ

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Nonprofit Toolkit is a service of Iris Creative Group, Inc.