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Learn the Skills to Master Nonprofit Marketing

More than half the people handling marketing at nonprofits come from a totally different background. If you feel like the only theater, poli sci, or perhaps history major trying to figure out best practices for graphic design and social media…trust us, you’re not alone. Even experienced marketers find it challenging to maintain the wide range of skills needed to manage marketing and fundraising communications roles.

Our training builds your skills in the kind of marketing most needed in schools, associations, healthcare, arts and culture and other nonprofit organizations. If your job is to attract the right people and inspire them to sign up, get involved and give back — then you are in the right place.

Foundations of Nonprofit Marketing Course

The challenge of nonprofit marketing is that you have to be strong in a wide range of disciplines from planning and sourcing to graphic design, copywriting, email, website, social and more. Chances are it’s either all new, or you’re strong in a few areas and getting by with the rest.

The Foundations of Nonprofit Marketing Course covers the fundamental skills you need to deliver quality marketing for any kind of nonprofit organization. Registration includes all 12 classes from 2021 for the price of 10. One live class is presented each month and access to replays extends through January 2022 — Join today and get two classes for free!  

Featured Class
Learn professional techniques for creating high-impact marketing materials—from setting up a single piece to planning a coordinated multi-channel campaign.

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